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20th Feb 2015

Should mums get paid breastfeeding breaks at work? This group thinks so…

Norway introduced breastfeeding breaks into law last year

Many women begin weaning their babies from breast to bottle near the end of their maternity leave, but a group of British MPs is calling for paid breastfeeding breaks to allow new mums to continue feeding their little ones for longer.

The All-Party Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood is also proposing that employers provide facilities for milk storage and an area for their breastfeeding employees to nurse in private at work.

In Norway, breastfeeding breaks were introduced into law last year in an effort to promote gender equality. Thanks to 12 months shared paternity leave (on top of 36 weeks maternity leave at 100% of pay), Norwegian women can return to work when they see fit, allowing their partner to stop by the office with the baby for feeds, as and when they need them.