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25th Nov 2017

Speed cameras are very sneaky, and don’t JUST catch you speeding

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Olivia Hayes

Very shneaky, indeed.

Speed cameras are to catch people speeding, right?

Right. Plain and simple. However, that’s not all they do.

According to Indy100, speed cameras can be used to catch a whole range of offences, and aren’t just handy for when you’re going 70km/h in a 50km/h zone.

Apparently, speed cameras can also detect when you’re not wearing a seat belt and if you have an illegal car reg.

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Oh, and don’t think you’ll get away with texting while driving either, because it can detect that too.

A superintendent told LadBible: “Camera detection is a great tool used to help police enforce all road laws and legislations.

“Many think speeding is the only thing detected however, driving without a seat belt, using mobile phones behind the wheel and more can all be identified and are all actions which make our roads a danger for motorists and pedestrians.

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“We need to ensure we take positive action whenever possible to keep dangerous drivers off our roads.

“These laws are in place to protect people – and quite simply breaking them can cause serious injury or even death,” she added.