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07th Jan 2022

Parents urged to be aware of “hazardous” driving conditions due to sleet and snow

Sarah McKenna Barry

Sleet and snow fell in parts of the country overnight.

Met Éireann has issued a warning to drivers this morning to exercise caution on roads after snow and sleet fell in some places overnight.

Parents have been urged to practice extreme caution, especially during busy periods like the school run.

Their forecast reads: “Some accumulations of sleet and show will lead to some hazardous driving conditions this morning. Widespread showers of rain, sleet and snow will continue this morning along with a chance of isolated thunderstorms and hail.”

This afternoon, showers are widely expected to “die out”, although they may persist in the south and west of the country.

In the north and east of the country, highest temperatures are expected to be between 3 and 5 degrees, though it will be slightly warmer in the south and the west with highs between 6 and 9 degrees.

Tonight, rain will “spread eastwards” across the country, and may turn heavy at times. There is a risk of localised flooding in the west and the southwest. Lowest temperatures will be between 0 and 3 degrees in the north and east, but again it will be warmer in the south and west with temperatures expected to be between 4 and 8 degrees.

Rain will move throughout the country as the night goes on, and we may also expect strong and gusty winds.

Tomorrow morning will see some sunny spells as the rain clears, though some parts may see hail and isolated thunderstorms. This rain may turn to sleet in the evening. Tomorrow afternoon will see highs of 4 to 7 degrees.