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06th Dec 2017

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill did something incredible for young terminally ill fan

"It was one of those very touching, moving things."

Keeley Ryan

“It was those points of connection that makes you feel loved and less isolated.”

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill will be reprising his role as the farm-boy-turned-Jedi (and later reclusive) Luke Skywalker in the upcoming Last Jedi. 

But a recent encounter shared on social media recalled how he once donned his Jedi robes for a particularly emotional reason: to visit a terminally ill fan who dreamed of meeting Luke Skywalker in person.

Screenwriter Ed Solomon posted the touching story from eight years ago on Twitter earlier this week, revealing the reason he “will love @HamillHimself forever”.

He said on Twitter:

“When a friend’s son (who was, so tragically, dying from an incurable illness) made a wish: to meet Luke Skywalker, it fell on me — the only person the dad knew who worked in the film business — to make a call.

“Not knowing Mark, I called his agent and explained that this lovely boy watched Star Wars every day and wanted to meet NOT Mark Hammill, but, rather, the actual CHARACTER that he played (the boy’s own mental state had devolved past the point of being able to grok that Luke was fictional).

“The agent begrudgingly said he’d call Mark, but also said not to get my hopes up. 90 seconds later I got a call from @HamillHimself, who immediately said yes and gave me his home address.

“He not only met with the boy, but spent hours answering question after question (sometimes the same ones repeatedly), AS ‘Luke.’ Even posting this now makes me teary.

“He was compassionate, kind, and patient. And it literally meant the world to this kid and his family.”

The boy’s father, Joe Sikorra, and Mr Solomon opened up further to the Hollywood Reporter about the emotional meeting with the Star Wars actor.

Mr Sikorra told the publication that his son, John, had been diagnosed with juvenile Batten’s Disease and tragically passed away in 2015 at 23-years-old.

He explained:

“Mark was just super patient and kind. It was was one of those beautiful experiences. It is very humbling, this disease.

“You have got to let go of your normal expectations for you and your kids and family.

“In the midst of struggle and tragedy, it was those points of connection that makes you feel loved and less isolated.

“Mark was very kind, ‘no rush, my time is your time.’ “

Mr Sikorra added that John having the chance to meet the Star Wars actor is something that the family would always treasure.

He said:

“It was one of those very touching, moving things.

“And in that moment, it raised John up and made him feel good and important and loved.”

Mr Solomon said he was inspired to share the story so fans would have something more uplifting in the wake of “so much negativity out there”.

He said:

“There has been so much negativity out there these days and every time I see one of my heroes trending, I have to look through my fingers to see what bad thing that might have done.

“And because of Last Jedi, I have been seeing Mark’s face everywhere and it reminded me.”

The initial series of tweets quickly went viral, with Mark Hamill responding to the story.

He said:

“There’s no sweeter sound than a child laughing-I’ve been so lucky-feel it’s my duty 2 give back in any way I can-Much prefer visits 2 hospitals than talk-shows Heartbreaking but inspirational-makes my career seem trivial in comparison-Wish I could do more.”