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14th May 2015

STUDY: Most Irish Mums are over the age of 30

The majority of first time Mums in Ireland are over the age of 30.

New Eurostat figures show that while the majority (51.2 per cent) of women in the European Union (EU) gave birth to their first child when aged in their 20s, Irish, Spanish, Greek and Italian women were notable exceptions.

The youngest average ages of mothers at the birth of their first child were recorded in Bulgaria (25.7 years), Romania (25.8), Latvia (26.1) and Estonia (26.5). Conversely, women were oldest on average when giving birth to their first child in Italy (30.6 years), followed by Spain (30.4), Luxembourg (30.0) and Greece (29.9). The average age of first time Irish mum is 29.4 years.

Ireland had a lower rate of teenage pregnancy than average and a larger number of women aged 40 and over giving birth.

The figures were released on the occasion of the International Day of Families, May 15.