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04th Aug 2015

The 3-letter acronym Amy Huberman HATES. HINT: It’s not BOD!

Sophie White

Our fave (we wish) mum-friend, Amy Huberman has opened up to Irish Tatler in the forthcoming September issue about a certain pet peeve.


“I hated being labelled a WAG when Brian was playing. Yes, you can break down every word, but essentially it is derogatory and it’s definitely not nice. I just think it’s a tacky word and it’s lazy labelling. Like we can’t function unless we compartmentalise women into categories.”

Amy, as usual couldn’t be more right. I hate acronyms too. I mean, WTF, she’s a best-selling author, a brilliantly funny and dedicated tweeter and the girl woman can act, can we not come up with a better acronym to describe her myriad talents? Like MILF – ‘Mum I’d Like to Friend’? Although labelling a woman as a mother foremost is also problematic. How about WAGG – ‘Woman Always Gives us a Giggle’? Or that parenting forum fave: FTM – “Feminist Talent Machine’. Ah, this is hard let’s bring back ROFL…

“A lot of guys come up to me and say, ‘I follow you on Twitter, and you’re actually very funny’, which is hilarious because I know they mean it as a compliment. I think in this day and age we need to stop saying things like that.”

Hear! Hear! Go on The Hube.