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07th May 2015

The free online course that’s taking Aesop’s Fables into the 21st century

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Aesop’s Fables have been a popular choice for generations of bedtime storytellers, but these days, the key moral messages of gratitude, love, loyalty and friendship are even more important than ever.

Now an online workplace skills company has given these beautifully crafted tales a new lease of life, creating a free certified online training course for parents, teachers and literature lovers, based on a selection of 60 of the most thought provoking fables.

asops fables course graphic

Galway-based ALISON believe ‘the lasting wisdom of these tales is as relevant in the workplace and in adults’ daily lives as it is important for the children of the world to study.’

Alongside the most popular tales; ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’ the course covers some of the less well known tales; ‘The Beauty Contest of the Birds’, ‘The Dancing Monkeys’ and ‘The Sow and the Lioness’.

“From these stories, we learn so much about how we should act in life, and most of all, how we should treat others, with respect, dignity and in friendship.” says CEO and Founder Mike Feerick.

Organised into a number of small collections, each of which can be read in one sitting, the course features questions to help the learner to think more deeply about the moral message hidden within the story. Once the learner has completed the course they can take a short assessment and if they pass, are Aesop Fable Certified. To take the course, click here.