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14th Jun 2023

‘One of Ireland’s best’ – the life of Christy Dignam

Christy was one of the best artist Ireland has ever produced

Aslan singer, Christy Dignam sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 63 following a long battle with cancer.

The frontman had been diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare blood disorder cancer, back in 2013.

When Christy’s family released a statement saying he had come home to receive palliative care a few months ago, the support and love shown by the people of Ireland was immense.

He was truly one of the best artists Ireland has ever produced.

Aslan began performing in the 80s with their hit track called ‘This is’ blowing up in 1986. That song was famously turned down by Mother Records but was iconic in Ireland.

“We always remained an Irish band, a true Irish band”

Many believe Aslan had the potential to reach greater heights although international tours and worldwide fame were not the band’s priority, they simply wanted to make great music and keep their fan base tight.

Speaking on the Indo Daily podcast today, Entertainment Correspondent, Melanie Finn said Aslan were “the biggest band to not make America”.

She said: “People sometimes define success as playing in these global stadium tours around the world but for them, just keeping their fan base, that was success to them.”

Many compare Aslan to U2, who reached worldwide recognition and global success but Christy once explained the difference between the two.

He said: “We always remained an Irish band, a true Irish band.

“If you look at U2 or somebody… they’re an international band at this stage. They kind of belong to the world, they don’t belong to Ireland anymore, where we still belong to Ireland, you know?”

It’s no secret that Christy struggled with drug use over the years and he has often spoken about it.

After leaving the band in 1988, Christy was dealing with a heroin addiction and was trying to record his own music. However, just a few short years later, the band reunited for a charity gig and released the biggest hit of their career, ‘Crazy World’ in 1994.

Christy was the real deal

During an interview in the early 2000s, the band spoke about their battle with drug addiction and how it affected their creativity and ability to make music.

In the interview, the band were asked if they made any money through performing.

They said: “We spent a lot of money. If you go back to 1987, to spend £30,000 on a ‘Love me lately’ music video followed by another £30,000 on a ‘This is’ video, that’s mad money.

“That was back in the 80s, we could’ve done two albums with that. We lost it.

“I keep saying, we were acting like rock stars on a champagne lifestyle.”

Christy joined in on the conversation and added: “People treat you different and you end up starting to believe your own b*llsh*t.”

Christy was asked if he allowed the fame go to his head but he replied: “I didn’t. It’s because I couldn’t live with the b*llsh*t, that’s why I took drugs.

“The music was getting forgotten about and it was all about the image.”

Christy Dignam was the real deal, he lived through the highs and lows of fame but came out the other side.

He was admired by everyone in Ireland and respected for his incredible voice and songwriting and he will forever be one of Ireland’s greatest artists.

Rest In Peace.


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