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20th Aug 2018

There’s going to be a love triangle on Coronation Street soon

Things are about to get complicated.

If you’re a Corrie fan you’ll be interested to know that there’s a love triangle storyline coming up and it’s set to be very dramatic.

Imran Habeeb will start dating Leanne Battersby but unknown to her, he’s also romancing her sister Toyah.

Of course, this is soapland so you just know that there will be war once the siblings find out what’s happening.

An insider told The Sun:

“They both don’t know and he knows this so is quite happy with how things are going and doesn’t do anything about it

“His ego goes through the roof and he’s really enjoying the attention and he thinks he’s living the dream having two women on the go.

“But you don’t want to mess with a Battersby and no doubt it’ll come crashing down for him”.

Leanne gets a job at the solicitor’s office where Imran works and as regular viewers of the show will know, they slept together last week.

However, it’s not long before Toyah shows an interest in Imran too and well, you just know there’s going to be all kinds of drama…