This Dublin store did something amazing for a pregnant customer 6 years ago

This Dublin store did something amazing for a pregnant customer

When Fiona Diamond hit Grafton Street on one of the busiest shopping days of the year yesterday, she knew she had her work cut out for her.

Not only had the Dublin-based nurse just finished a 13-hour shift, she was also six months pregnant... with an excited three-year-old at home. Unsurprisingly, she was starting to feel a little woozy, which is when the extremely kind and compassionate staff of Brown Thomas stepped in to save the day.

In her email, Fiona told

"My other half minded the little one yesterday morning so I could go into town and finish my dreaded Christmas shopping. I had to go to Arnotts and then dash over to Brown Thomas to get some fragrance gifts. I has to smell a few as didn't know which one was the one I needed. The shop got unbelievably busy, very hot, and with all the smells and the long walk I started to feel... odd."

As she considered the queue, which was snaking out of the store onto Grafton Street and heaving with shoppers, Fiona felt herself growing light-headed...

"In my queasy state, I plonked onto the floor and tried to recover (also trying not to attract attention ). Suddenly, the doorman spots me and scoops me up and asks if I'm okay. I told him I was bit light headed but I'd be okay... then he noticed my bump, brought me inside and got me a chair.

And the Brown Thomas hero wasn't finished yet:


"He informed the perfume counter I had goods to pay for and they came over to me and took my money, without me having to re-queue... meanwhile the lovely man got me some water. The manager of the perfume counter also came to check I was okay. Obviously by this stage I was a bit teary, because anyone being nice to a pregnant woman makes you cry right?!

The reason I'm emailing is because I wanted to say thank you to them and to spread the word that there is still some really excellent customer service professionals out there... even when they're unbelievably busy."

We're happy to help spread the word. Well done BT on making Christmas that bit more special for one very busy mum.

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