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Family fun

25th Dec 2023

Here are some screen-free games to keep the kids entertained over Christmas

Jody Coffey


While Christmas is all about togetherness and family, it’s okay to want to enjoy some adult time too.

If you have exhausted every seasonal movie and are hoping to keep your kids away from screens, we’ve got some games to tie you over.

Below are some fun and festive games to keep the little ones entertained.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

We do this at Easter, so why not over Christmas?

Take treats, for example, chocolates, that are emblematic of the holidays (Ferrero Roche, Roses, Quality Street, etc), and hide them around your home.

If you really want to mix it up for the older kids, leave written clues of where their next treat may lie.

Who doesn’t love a chocolate incentive in games?

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Cookie Decorating

If you have some cookies prepared or somewhere in your cupboard, this is a fabulous and fun way for children to feel like they’ve participated in the dessert preparations.

All it requires is some icing or edible makers and glitters to turn it into a game or healthy competition.

Turn it into a game by saying whoever can decorate the most within a certain timeframe wins (you can decide if there’s a prize).

They can take pride in their efforts when guests are looking for something sweet by dishing out their delicious creations.

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Thank You Letters For Santa

This one is sure to be a hit with the younger kids.

As part of their presents from Santa, perhaps slip in some arts and crafts, such as markers, glitter, crayons, etc, as well.

Explain that Santa Claus would love to see their creative works and that finish products will be posted to the North Pole right after Christmas.

It’s a good lesson in saying thank you, as well as a stimulating and creative challenge to kill any boredom on Christmas Day, or thereafter.

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Stack the presents

Before you throw out all of the empty cardboard boxes, consider giving them one more purpose before recycling in this easy-to-play and fun game.

It’s simple; they just have to stack the boxes on top of each other as high as possible without it falling over.

Getting the older siblings or cousins to time the little ones is one way to turn a game into competition, or even a tournament.

The best part? It’s perfect for all ages and even adults can let their competitive streak shine and also get involved.