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08th Feb 2024

Disney confirms a Moana sequel will hit cinemas this year

Jody Coffey


Some great news on a very rainy day!

Fans of Moana and the beautiful land of Motunui will be delighted to hear that a second installment is on the way.

Disney confirmed the news yesterday (February 7th) that Moana 2 is expected to arrive in cinemas later this year.

A short trailer for the upcoming film has been released, showing November 27th as the release date.

Speaking about the surprise sequel, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Moana 2 had originally been conceived as a TV series for Disney+.

However, given the success of the first film – grossing $643m worldwide and two Academy Awards nominations – Disney opted to bring the sequel back to cinemas.

“Moana remains an incredibly popular franchise and we can’t wait to give you more of Moana and Maui and Moana 2 comes to theatres this November.”

“We were impressed by what we saw and knew it deserved a theatrical release,” he said, adding that Moana had been streamed for more than one billion minutes on Disney+ in 2023 alone, highlighting its continued popularity.

In the first film, the brave Moana sets sail on a daring mission to prove herself a master way-finder and fulfil her ancestors’ unfinished quest, she must go against the status quo of her homeland of Motunui.

While her destiny is to always remain rooted in one place and step into the life her father has carved out for her, she is more inspired by a life of adventure and exploration.

The titular heroine has become a huge favourite with young children along with the demigod Maui and the rooster Hei Hei and the film is widely considered as one of Disney’s greatest animations.

We cannot wait!