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15th Dec 2023

Fans of ‘The Santa Clause’ spot fun new detail 29 years after its release

How have I never spotted this?

Jody Coffey

Santa Clause

Fun Fact: The added ‘e’ in Claus in the film title refers to The Santa ‘Clause’ that Scott agrees to when he puts on the Santa suit

Fans of the 1994 Christmas classic, ‘The Santa Clause’, may think they know everything there is to know about the film.

It’s certainly a favourite in my house and I still failed to spot this fun and wholesome detail in the movie, despite watching it every Christmas.

It is the type of detail that families with young children could turn into a game, making the beloved festive film even more enjoyable.

One TikTok user (@otakuwu) spotted that throughout ‘The Santa Clause’, there are elves hidden EVERYWHERE.

In many of the scenes, the elves are inserted into the background, with many fans gobsmacked they hadn’t spotted them before.

Even before Scott Calvin is chosen as the next Santa Claus, the elves are hanging around and blending into everyday environments, such as school, the park, and restaurants.

“Am I the only one? Lol,” the now-viral video post was captioned:

@otakuwu Am I the only one? lol #thesantaclause #hiddenelves #christmasmovies #fyp #arosesuchaclatter #elves ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Many fans of the movie took to the comment section to share their surprise of only now being made aware of these elves.

“Oh my gosh this makes so much sense now in the stanta clause series they say they chose him, they was always there,” one wrote.

“The fact that they were watching him BEFORE he became Santa seems like they orchestrated the end of the old Santa and Scott becoming the new one…,” another added.

“It’s my favorite [favourite] added detail. Every year I find a new kid. I also make it a drinking game! Every elf ear we see outside the North Pole,” one shared.

“The whole time!? The the. THE WHOLE TIME!?” a fourth questioned.

“After Santa, I could understand. They were his secret agents elfs! lol, but before Santa!!! no way!” one user chimed in.

Next time you all sit down to watch ‘The Santa Clause’, make it a game and see who can find the most elves!