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08th Jan 2024

Mum says screen-free Sunday ritual has been an ‘amazing reset’ for the whole family

Sophie Collins


One mum has shared her family’s screen-free Sunday ritual that has been ‘an amazing reset’ for them all.

She took to Reddit to share what her family have been doing and lots of people have commented to say that they’re going to try it with their family.

In her post, the woman explained: “We started doing a screen-free Sunday with our kids once or twice a month. They are 12 & 14, but we’ve done it since they were much younger.

“No cell phones, no tablets, no laptops, no Googling, no spotify, no TV, video games etc.”

She went on to say that it wasn’t plain sailing at the beginning: “At first, we had a lot of push back but we give them plenty of warning and mark it on the calendar.”

The rules aren’t as stringent as you would think: “They can still go out with friends but have to make arrangements the day before and use the house phone to call.”

They make sure that the whole family is aware of the screen free day so no one worries when they’re not answering their phones.

“We let our family members know to reach us via house phone and we put our cell phones away for the day.”

Talking about the amazing results they have seen, she said: “Every time we do it, it’s an amazing reset. Our kids work on other projects, they bake recipes from our cookbooks, we play board games, pull out puzzles, go play in the snow, repair things that we were meaning to get to, we cook together and hang out reading books.”

The main thing is, “we slow down as a family”.

Finally, she noted: “Everyone feels rested and connected. We feel more refreshed and that we accomplished something on the weekend.

“10/10 would recommend.”

Would you try this with your family, or do you do something similar with your kids? Let us know over on social media.