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07th Dec 2023

Kind stranger makes families Christmas as they pay off every present on hold in department store

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Jody Coffey

Stranger Christmas Present toy store

With the cost of living and inflation, many families may struggle to provide the Christmas they would want for their children this year.

However, one selfless stranger has taken this worry away from several families as they anonymously paid off every present on hold in a department store in Australia.

The good Samaritan decided to give back by settling the payment of every gift on hold at a Kmart in Melbourne, Australia, and insisted on remaining anonymous stating that they just wanted to do ‘something nice for the community’.

This generous deed has brought members of the wider community, and the internet, to tears, as it reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas.

Credit: 7News

While the department store was not willing to disclose the entire amount paid by the stranger, they did tell 7News that the majority of gifts paid for were Christmas presents, many of which were toys for children.

Gifts included a $200 (€121.92) Dreamhouse and a $90 (€58.87) Barbie Dream Boat Playset, which are sure to bring so much joy to the recipients, as well as reduced worry to their parents.

This random act of kindness has also touched the hearts of shoppers, with one woman telling the news outlet:

“What a lovely thing to do. We could all do with a little gratitude and giving to others.”

Meanwhile, Warren Elliott, a member of the Salvation Army, shared this sentiment, highlighting how heartwarming it is to see someone help others without expecting recognition or anything in return.

“It just does our heart good when we see that Australians are still prepared to help others in need even though they don’t know who they are,” he said.

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