Luton Airport had an unexpected arrival as staff helped deliver baby 1 week ago

Luton Airport had an unexpected arrival as staff helped deliver baby

Airport arrivals just got a whole new meaning.

Staff at London Luton Airport are celebrating after they successfully helped a passenger deliver their baby while in the departure lounge.

While making their way through one of the UK's busiest airports, a pregnant mother flying to Bulgaria went into labour.

The guest experience manager at the airport, Melanie Horwood, acted quickly and led the heroic delivery as she followed instructions over the phone from the ambulance service to successfully deliver the passenger's baby girl.

Melanie spotted the woman was in labour and moved quickly to 'bring in screens' while contacting the ambulance service, who talked her through what to do.

"We were delighted to deliver a beautiful baby girl and there was a feeling of complete elation afterwards. It just felt wonderful and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

According to Luton Airport's newsletter, Melanie was assisted by another passenger, Michelle Skehan, who is a midwife and was waiting to board a flight to Ireland. She said she was more than happy to help out and credited the staff in the airport for their quick action.


"The teamwork that I witnessed in the ‘delivery room’ was phenomenal and everyone should be so proud of themselves. It's definitely a birth I will always remember. One that I will surely be retelling for years to come!"

Once the baby girl was safely delivered, passengers and staff gave a round of applause. Both mum and baby were taken to the hospital for checks and they have since returned home to Bulgaria.

Everyone involved received well-earned certificates and gifts for their incredible role in the event.

What an extraordinary birth story!