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14th Nov 2023

Mum shares her genius hack for kids bedtime that even adults will want to try

This is one for that those with or without kids can benefit from.

However, anyone with children will know the pain of trying to get them to wind down for the night and fall asleep.

Why does it always seem like kids get their biggest bursts of energy when it comes to bedtime? It can feel, at times, that it’s almost personal when you’re overtired.

One mum has come to the rescue of parents everywhere with one simple genius hack that will ensure everyone in the house gets some well-needed zzz’s.

This once frustrated, now well-rested mum, sought the advice of her own mother who offered her an incredible and cost-effective way to simmer down the kids energy levels as well as focus and gear their minds toward sleep time.

Taking to TikTok, Lauren Giestin, shared the hack that involves a hand-drawn chart made by her mother with seven pull-down sections with velcro tags that take her kids through their routine in less than 10 minutes and averted all bedtime chaos.

There are drawings that illustrate each action the children need to take, including from ‘go potty’, ‘wash or bath’, ‘brush teeth’ and put on pyjamas, to ‘read books ‘.

@babycentreuk Bedtime parenting hack! ? ?: @laurengiesting on IG #parentinghack #toddlerbedtime #kidsbedtimeroutine ♬ original sound – BabyCentre

“This has been a game-changer in our household. My amazing mother made these for my kids because our bedtime has been disastrous and I’ve never seen my kids more excited to brush their teeth and put on their pyjamas and read a book. It has turned our bedtime routine from 30, maybe an hour, to 10 minutes. Amazing!”

The video has garnered over 3,000 comments with users of all ages and situations agreeing it’s a brilliant idea, including people without children, parents, students, and people with ADHD.

“I’d like to have this, please! I’m 30 years old and have no kids,” one wrote.

“All the people with ADHD please gather I feel it is perfect solution for us,” another declared.

“I love this idea! I will use this template with my students who struggle with organising their morning routine. Thanks!” a third added.

“I always wanted something like this without using stickers or having to redo every week thanks so much for sharing,” one shared.

“Can your mom make one like this for a 26-year-old that’s totally not me? Pretty please?” another asked.