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03rd Nov 2017

Tiffany & Co are selling an actual tin can for an extortionate price

Are they having a laugh?

Laura Holland

tin can

Are they having a laugh?

We generally cannot fault Tiffany & Co. Although most of their products are out of our budget, we still can’t help but admire their beautiful selection of jewellery.

But, now they have peaked absolute notions with one of their product. They are selling an actual tin can for €1,150.

tin can

The Tin Can is part of the Everyday Objects collection, which ‘transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art’.

In this instance, the humble tin can has been given an upgrade with sterling silver and shining vermeil. It also has the iconic Tiffany Blue design in the form of a stripe up the side.

It stands 4.5 inches tall and is intended to store everyday items, such as pens and paintbrushes.

tin can

Again, are they having a laugh?