TikTok mother-daughter duo charged with murder after two people die in crash in UK 4 months ago

TikTok mother-daughter duo charged with murder after two people die in crash in UK

It is believed they "chased and rammed" the men off the road.

A popular TikTok influencer and her mother have been charged with the murder of two men who were killed in a car crash.

Mahek Bukhari, 22, and her mother Ansreen Bukhari, 45, along with another woman, and Natasha Akhtar, 21 appeared in court on Tuesday.

The two victims, Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain, died at the scene when their vehicle crashed after being “run off the road" while being chased by the women.

The incident occurred outside Leicestershire on the night of Friday 11 February. The two men had been travelling in a silver Skoda Fabia.

Prosecutor Mohammed Zarandouz said the men had tried to call emergency services for help during the incident but "unfortunately a loud scream could be heard from the caller and the call disconnected".

He explained how the car hit a central reservation barrier and was "ripped into two pieces" on impact. He later described the crash as the “the most unfortunate of incidents.”

Mahek and her mother only spoke to confirm their names and to say they understood when the court remanded them into custody


Mahek is well known on TikTok, with over 120,000 followers on the platform and another 43,00 on Instagram. She posts makeup tutorials and images of herself promoting clothes from different brands.

Co-accused Natasha Akhtar, who is also facing the double murder charge, appeared briefly alongside them.

The father of victim Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin told the Daily Mail:

"Hashim was my favourite son, he was a beautiful soul and I feel blessed by Allah to have had 21 years with him.

"He borrowed the Skoda from his grandfather because his cousin Saqib asked him for a lift to Leicestershire to see a friend. Saqib was very down about things and Hashim loved him a lot and cared for all people in general. He would do anything to help somebody out."

A pre trial preparation hearing for all three suspects has been set for March 28, The Mirror reports.