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13th Apr 2022

Fundraiser launched to help Limerick toddler with scoliosis and brain damage

Kat O'Connor

Caleb’s parents are desperate to help him.

The parents of Caleb O’Loughlin have launched a fundraiser so he can get life-changing surgery.

Their son Caleb, who is only 16 months old, has scoliosis.

Their little boy will need surgery every six months for the next few years. Caleb will also be put in a plaster cast and will be given spinal rods.

These operations and procedures would be overwhelming for an adult, nevermind a young toddler.

Caleb’s mum Donna explained that her son is in pain every single day.

He cannot communicate, has developmental delays, and also can’t stand unsupported or even walk.

Not only is the little boy dealing with scoliosis, but Caleb is also being investigated for tethered cord syndrome and spina bifida occulta.

His mum said his bowel doesn’t work and he may have autism.

The young boy is fighting so many battles for someone so young.

Donna is calling on the public to help support Caleb because her family has used all of their savings to get him this far.

“There’s no cure for Caleb’s brain damage”

“Caleb needs multiple assessments going forward as well as intervention. Again these all have to be paid privately. We are doing our best but it’s becoming impossible as the appointments are all adding up as well as treatments. He also needs a new buggy that will support his spine. He is allergic to dairy and his diet is very expensive.

Speaking to The Sunday World, Donna told journalist Clodagh Meaney that her son also has brain damage.

A doctor in Temple Street shared some devastating news when he looked at Caleb’s most recent MRI scan.

The doctor explained to his mum Donna that the back of Caleb’s brain was thinner than the rest of his brain.

“He said ‘but what I’m really worried about is the amount of significant brain damage Caleb has’, so I looked at him and said: ‘What are you saying about brain damage?’”

Donna was previously told her son’s MRI was clear.

“We’re still trying to keep the GoFundMe going because now we have a worse situation, there’s no cure for Caleb’s brain damage.”

“If I raise 100,000 I could guarantee by this time next year, it will be gone because Caleb’s needs are massive.”

Caleb’s parents are desperate to help him live a happy and prosperous life.

You can donate to his fundraiser here.