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19th Apr 2024

People tell women to leave fiancé after he hoovered up her mum’s ashes

Anna Martin


No this isn’t something out of a cartoon, this apparently really happened

Surely there can be nothing worse than someone hoovering up your dead loved one’s ashes especially when you consider that this person is meant to be your future spouse.

Forgetting a birthday or an anniversary is pretty rough but nothing can really top this one.

Oh did we mention that he apparently did it on purpose too? This one’s a doozy.

The woman whose mother ended up being hoovered up took to Reddit to tell the story of what happened and it’ll have your blood boiling.

She explained how she had kept the ashes in an urn in the apartment she shares with her husband-to-be.

The woman had a memorial set up for her deceased mother which her other half had said he wanted to clean but she said to leave it and she would do it herself.

However, he “ignored” what she said and chose to do it himself – though he denied this at first.

Credit: Canva

“When I got home things looked the same as I had left them.” the woman wrote, “He apologized for being ‘uptight’ and said he didn’t touch anything.

“He said he was just feeling anxious before so there was no need for me to clean the memorial when it wasn’t even dirty. I didn’t think about it after that.”

Months passed and the truth finally came out, he had touched the urn but he had spilt her mother’s ashes.

She continued: “He couldn’t clearly explain what happened, but said the plastic somehow ripped and the ashes went all over the carpet.

“This man grabbed a vacuum and sucked up my mother. Then instead of returning them to the urn he dumped the vacuum contents into the trash.

“When I asked why he didn’t just return them to the urn after vacuuming he stared at the floor.”

Not only did throw he her mother away, he also went out and bought play sand and put roughly enough to pass off the usual weight of the urn back in.

Obvious people were shocked by the whole situation and encouraged the woman to reconsider marrying this man before it’s too late.

“Your mother, in her death, saved you from marrying this dogs**t,” one wrote, dishing out some cold hard truth to the stranger online.

“It is her wonderful gift to you. Her ashes saved you from committing to a man that will make your life a living hell,” added another.

A third added, “Plant a tree in a special place and dedicate it to her memory. Dump the dogs**t boyfriend.”