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19th Apr 2022

My mum left my child sleeping outside so she could have a coffee

Kat O'Connor

Would you fall out with your mum over this?

A mum-of-two has fallen out with her mother after she left her son outside in his pushchair.

The woman explained that she has two kids- a 20-month-old and an 8-week-old.

Her mother has been helping her out since she welcomed her baby, but her recent behaviour caused quite the fight.

She explained that her mum came back to the house for some coffee. She also wanted to charge her phone but planned on going back out.

Instead of bringing her grandson back into the house, she decided to leave him to sleep in his pushchair outside.

The mum said she lives in a nice area with families, but felt it was still extremely dangerous to do.

“My toddler was strapped in, but I’m worried that an opportunist was going to snatch him.”

When she told her mother not to leave him outside, she told her she was paranoid.

“I was sick the whole night, I have had a vomiting bug for the last few days, was settling my crying baby, and was still walking around in my underpants in the house.

The mum explained, “So I couldn’t really go to the front door to stay with my son.”

“My mother then called me” paranoid” and said I watched too many crime shows. This resulted in us having a massive fight and I told my mother if she takes my toddler out, she has responsibility for him.”

After the argument, the grandmother sat by the open door and drank her coffee there, but was she in the wrong?

How would you feel if you were in this mum’s shoes?