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30th Apr 2023

Mum sparks debate after admitting she bins kids’ toys when they don’t tiny up

Clodagh McKeon

She has her reasons..

Mum Tabatha Marie, has divided opinions after admitting she throws out her children’s toys when they refuse to tidy up after themselves.

She believes it teaches them valuable life lessons, but not everyone agrees.

The mum’s controversial TikTok video went viral and has since sparked conversations around disciplining and punishing children.

In the video, Tabatha explained that she asked her son to clean his room and tidy away his toys for two days in a row but he still hasn’t done it.

She said he wanted her to do it.

So, she proceeded to clean his room and gathered all his toys in a white plastic bag and captioned it, “Trash here we come”.

Tabatha captioned the video: “I hated seeing the look on his face when he seen his room. It hurt me just as much but my babies will not be disrespectful”.

@tabathamarie I hated seeing the look on his face when he seen his room. It hurt me just as much but my babies will not be disrespectful #parenting #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Tabatha Marie

“Thank you for mommy-ing me”

The video has over 600,000 likes and 22,300 comments from people debating whether this mum did the right thing or not.

It’s been viewed over 3.5 million times.

Many people were left totally outraged by her video and parenting style so the comments was very much a mixed bag.

One person said: “Are you serious? He is 5 yers old. It is your job to help him at that age. You clean up the room TOGETHER. So clearly you Are the lazy one. Poor child”.

Another wrote: “Good job mom! People that don’t agree, also have the kids that don’t respect anyone, including their parents”.

Others seemed to see the funny side of Tabatha’s video with one telling her to wrap up the toys and give them back to her son for Christmas and his birthday.

In response to all the backlash, Tabatha made another TikTok video.

She said she wasn’t too bothered about any of the hateful comments she received in fact, she found them funny.

In the video the overlay text read: “His toys are in the basement to teach him a lesson and he can earn them back”.

She signed off the video sarcastically thanking all the mum police and said: “Thank you all so much for mommy-ing me”.

@tabathamarie Your response to cleaning my sons room out #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Tabatha Marie

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