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20th Mar 2022

Parents react to period products in Disney’s Turning Red movie

Laura Cunningham

We have a long way to go, folks…

Much praise has been heaped on Disney Pixar for the period-positive messaging in the latest hit animation, Turning Red.

The movie was released on Disney+ this week to critical acclaim, and parents too were impressed with the placement of period pads and tampons.

A clever portrayal of the body changes our teenage years bring, the film’s main character Mei turns into a red panda every time she feels emotional.  The plot sets up many great conversation opportunities for parents and their kids, about puberty and coming of age.

Great, right? Well, we certainly think so but it ruffled a few feathers in parent-land.

Some, it seems, felt the content should have come with a warning.

Reviewers too had some negative takes, with one saying the topics were “inappropriate and sensitive for many of its very young audience” and asking that we “leave sexuality out of [children’s] entertainment.” They finished it with that old dinger of a line, “Let kids be kids”, insisting we “let parents handle the coming of an age stuff.”

In typical social media style, the backlash itself has had a backlash with many questioning why periods are still taboo in 2022.

What do you think? Period-positivity all the way, or too much for smaller kids? Let us know in the comments.

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