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31st Mar 2023

“I don’t care”: Mum-to-be responds to vaping backlash

Kat O'Connor

A pregnant woman has responded to backlash after she was spotted vaping during her pregnancy.

The TikTok star was slated after she shared footage of her dancing at a festival with a vape in her hand.

One user asked why she was vaping.

“This is another thing that really annoys me,” the mum-to-be said.

“I went to a festival and I bought a vape for the day. You don’t know anything about me, you have no idea the conversations I have with my midwife.

She said she knows plenty of people who have vaped throughout their pregnancy.

“I don’t understand how people always think it’s ok to point out the obvious.

“Yeah, I had a vape in my hand. I don’t care like I literally don’t care.”

The woman claimed there is no proof that vaping during pregnancy is dangerous.

“It’s not harming my baby, there’s no proof that vapes harm babies, for a start,” she claimed.

“All of my pregnant friends were advised to vape rather than smoke when pregnant.”

However, officials stressed that vaping during pregnancy is not safe.

The HSE says: “E-cigarettes are not safe or effective in helping to quit smoking in pregnancy. They are not currently recommended for pregnant women.”

Smoking cigarettes is also not advised.

“If you are pregnant and you smoke, the best thing you can do for your baby is to stop. Quitting smoking can be difficult to ask for help.”

“The earlier you stop, the greater the benefits. Stopping completely is the only effective way to protect yourself and your baby. It’s never too late.”