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18th Aug 2018

Want to adopt some hens? Animal sanctuary urgently seeking homes for many rescues

Have you room for a new feathered friend?

Jade Hayden

Do not let these hens down.

If you’ve ever wanted some hens but just didn’t really know how to go about getting them, you’re in luck because animal rescue and sanctuary, Little Hill, has just made it extremely easy to bring some adorable, feathery guys into your life.

This month, the sanctuary rescued hundreds of hens and so they don’t have to let the hens die, they are looking for more homes for the hens to go to, and for people to take a few more hens if they can.

In many cases, the hens have been abandoned and forgotten about leaving them malnourished and distressed.

In just a few weeks though, with the right care and attention, the hens can get back to their old selves – like this hen, Freda.

In order to place the hundreds of hens they have, Little Hill is doing weekly runs across the county to drop the hens off to their new owners.

To adopt the hens from a specific drop off point, you must bring adequate sturdy cardboard boxes with air holes, or preferably cat carriers – one carrier per two hens.

The rescue said:

“We will not give hens without suitable travelling containers. Please bring water and some food on the day – these hens will be starving and thirsty.”

If you’re interested in adopting some hens, you can book them on Little Hill’s Facebook post, and check the drop off points, here.