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27th May 2015

WATCH: Deirdre O’Kane and some little friends pay tribute to the Irish Mammy

Sophie White

The mother of all Irish Mammies, Deirdre O’Kane, met up with some adorable little fans of the Irish Mammy to chat about what their mums mean to them.

These kids were soon pulling on Deirdre’s heartstrings with their devotion to their mums.

When asked if they had to put a price on their mammy how much do you think she’s be worth, one kid (obviously with an eye on Christmas) said, “As much as the world.” While another savvy negotiator argued that she’d be worth “$500”, though he may not have factored in the exchange rate as it stands.

And when asked if they could swap their mums would they do it, it was a resounding “no”. Give them a few more years of reprogramming the UPC machine and assembling flat pack furniture, we say.