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25th Apr 2016

30 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home


Buying a house or apartment is a massive decision, particularly with the way the property market has been in Ireland over the last five years.

Despite that, it is something that the majority of people still strive to do and want to do as soon as they are able.

If you think it’s time to take the plunge and get on the property ladder, check out the questions below.

(Please note, this list was compiled from our own experiences, it was not provided by an expert.)

Are you financially stable?

Do you have a deposit ready?

Is your mortgage approved?

How long do you have the mortgage for?

How much will the overall monthly payments be (including insurance etc.)?

Are you happy to stay in this area for a while?

What is the market like and is it likely to change?

Have you any debts?

Are you likely to have other big expenses such as a wedding or kids in the near future?

Is the property worth the asking price?

Is there any flexibility regarding the asking price?

What work will you have to do to the property and can you do it yourself?

How old is the property?

Is there space to grow in the house?

Would it be possible to add an extension?

How far away is it from work/schools/amenities?

Is it likely to increase in value?

What is the current occupation situation?

How soon can you move in?

What’s the BER rating?

How soon can you arrange for a surveyor to assess the property?

Do you have someone to sort out the legal documents?

What are the neighbours like?

Is there parking?

Are there management fees and what exactly do they cover?

Who takes care of communal areas?

What is the reputation of the area?

Are there any development plans for the area?

Is it safe?

Why are the current owners selling?

Like we said, this list was compiled from our own experiences. If you can think of any questions that we haven’t included, please leave them in the Facebook comments.