The handy nappy-changing tips you never knew you needed 1 year ago

The handy nappy-changing tips you never knew you needed

The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be

By far the least adorable part of parenting, nappy changes are a necessary evil. But there are ways you can make it easier on yourself, and your baby's cute little bum.

Once baby arrives, they become one of the most time-consuming daily activities: the average tot needs ten changes per day, adding up to over 3,000 per year.

And the fun part is, they must be managed in all terrains and situations, from restaurant loos to car passenger seats, airplanes to art galleries. The joys.

Unsurprisingly, the average parent quickly develops a set of hacks to speed up the process. Here are a few time-honoured tips for making changing as simple as possible.

Cut your nails

This is New Baby 101. Even if you're used to doing everything else with that gorgeous set of talons, they will be your undoing when it comes to nappy changes. Not only could they scratch your baby's skin, they also make a lovely hiding place for errant poop. Yuck.

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Grab 'n go


Having nappies that are easily accessible is an absolute must for new parents. Whether you prefer the idea of a changing cart or caddy, leave your nappies on display in an easy-to-grab spot should you need to hold a baby down with one hand while trying not to touch anything with the (germ, if not poo, covered) other.

Pack for two

We all know that packing an extra outfit for Junior is a given, but if you're hitting the road, pop an extra shirt for yourself in the baby bag too. Then, when faced with a poop or puke explosion, you won't have to wear it like a badge of honour for the rest of the journey.

Learn how to work the onesie

Ever wondered what those little envelope folds on the shoulders of baby vests are for? You'll be so grateful at finally figuring out their purpose you'll be determined to spread the good news to other in-the-dark parents. Turns out they're super handy in cases of what's known in the parenting business as a "poonami."

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Choose a finger

Nappy rash is par for the course, so expect nappy rash cream to become a big part of your life. Because it's designed to stay on a baby's delicate skin, nappy rash creams are majorly water resistant. This means that, no matter how many times you wash your hands afterwards, it's highly likely you'll still find it under your nails or taste it when you're eating that sandwich.

To reduce the chances of this happening, choose one finger to apply it with, say, only your ring finger. Then avoid using that one when eating crisps. Another option is to use a clean make-up brush for faultless coverage.


Before you attempt to remove the sodden nappy, pop a fresh one underneath the baby. Then, when you wrangle away the old one, there's a fresh clean one ready to go underneath.

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Prepare for surprises

Just given birth to a bouncing baby boy? You've probably already experienced a surprise soaking during changing time. Have a flannel handy to place over his lower half to catch the wee before it catches you.