Mum pleas with parents to 'always believe your child' after three-year-old's horrifying teacher claim 1 week ago

Mum pleas with parents to 'always believe your child' after three-year-old's horrifying teacher claim

A mum has taken to the internet to plea with parents to believe their children’s claims even if they seem outlandish at first.

She took to Reddit to explain that her three-year-old son told her in passing that his teacher hit him in class.

She said she and her partner questioned the boy over the incidents with his teacher on two separate occasions and got the same answers from him.

Not taking any chances with her little boy, she said: “I decided to believe him,” regardless of there being no proof at this point.

“First thing this morning I emailed the director. She immediately started an investigation, and only made it to the tapes from the 15th, and saw worse than hitting, grabbing by the arms while yelling in his face, putting him on his cot very hard.

“It's a big corporation, so they are doing a very thorough investigation, and I'm scared what else they may find.”

Thinking of the horrific time her child has been going through without her knowledge, she continued: “What would have happened if I didn't believe him and report it immediately? How many more times would she have hurt him?

“How bad would it have gotten?How many other kids could this have happened to? If I didn't believe him and something even worse happened to him in the future, would he tell me? Or would he not trust me?”

Advising parents to listen to their children and check in with them regularly, no matter how young, she concluded saying: “Please believe your child(ren). We are their biggest and usually only advocates.


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“I'd rather be "embarrassed" that my kid is a lying than feel the shame of not protecting him when he needed me.”

Hundreds of mums and dads rushed to the comments in support of the story, and one person advised: “Better to presume a child's honesty and be fooled from time to time than to teach them at a young age that they won't be believed.

“Of course, at some point kids experiment with untruths, but I can't imagine the harm it would do to a child to not believe your own parents would side with you on something like this. Yes, kids can act poorly at school sometimes.

“They can be a handful. They still, however, need love at this age if they have any chance of becoming a well-adjusted adult.”

Another woman applauded her quick action and said: “I’m so glad you believed your son and that the abuse will stop. I hope he will forget this immediately.”

A third sadly admitted: “My mother never believed me when I told her what was happening to me and I live with the trauma every single day.”