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16th Oct 2023

HerFamily readers reveal the most hilarious things their toddlers have uttered in public


We can ALL relate to some of these stories!

Kids have an amazing way of picking up the most hilarious mispronunciations, curse words, and misunderstandings in their toddler years … and they know exactly when to let the world know.

In the supermarket, the church, at a party, or even just out and about, the little ones always know how to choose their moment for the ultimate reaction.

Some of our HerFamily readers have shared their hilarious experiences, and one is funnier than the next – from cursing in a church, to a hilarious fumble on the pronunciation of popcorn at the cinema.

To kick things off, one mum shared: “I had to use suppositories one time on my child as they had a severe high temperature, and about a year later we were in the middle of a supermarket (packed) and they blasted out ‘Mum do you remember that time you put an Egg up my bum.’

“I died a little inside that day!!!!”


Another mum said: “Ad on TV about not to ‘drink and drive’ … son age 3 says mom you’re always drinking and driving!!”

She then had to explain to him: “Son thats coffee not alcohol.”

As much as we try to protect our children from hearing curse words, they’ll always eventually pick it up by osmosis from other kids or family members (little ears hear EVERYTHING) – and one mum was left in a hilariously awkward situation as a result.

She told HerFamily, one of her kids blurted out “What the f__k is that?” in a Church at her cousins christening.

Another added: “Mine currently keeps pointing out bald men saying they have a ‘ball head.’”

And finally, we had to end on a spit-your-tea-out hilarious blunder made by one child. One mum said: “My toddler used to ask for C*ckporn (?) at the cinema.”

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