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04th Nov 2016

It’s Official, Dad Bods Are Better! (As If We Needed More Proof)

Alison Bough

Science has just added more weight (see what I did there?) to the argument that Dad Bods are better.

Professor Richard Bribiescas, in his book ‘How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals About Male Health And Mortality’, has found evidence that squidgy bellies, love handles, and general cuddliness are more attractive to women. The Professor’s research also indicates that chunky older dads actually live longer and have stronger immune systems than their Tubridy-esque counterparts.

Bribiescas, of Yale University’s anthropology department, explores various aspects of male aging such as prostate disease, loss of muscle mass, changes in testosterone levels, increases in fat, erectile dysfunction, baldness, and having shorter life spans than women.


The Professor reveals how many of the physical changes that we negatively associate with male aging may have, in fact, positively impacted male parenting, life spans, and fertility. He writes:

“Changes in body composition not only cause men to shop for more comfortable trousers but also facilitate increased survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milieu that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment.”

So there you have it, Dad Bods are winning – but we already knew that!


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