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28th Jun 2018

This Awesome WEARABLE Breast Pump Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds

Trine Jensen-Burke

Anyone who has ever found themselves attached to a breast pump can attest to having more than once thought: ‘There has GOT to be a better way of doing this.’

And guess what, mamas? Now there is.

A new breast pump was introduced this week at the Electronics Consumer Show in the US – and its makers promises it is free from all the common grievances most breastfeeding mamas have experiences with conventional breast pumps. (You know; with it being so loud and cumbersome and disruptive and that.)

The Willow on the other hand is the first smart wearable breast pump that fits into a mum’s bra, totally hands free.

Yup; that’s right, mamas. You are now free to pump milk while also doing whatever else needs doing. The Willow will just silently pump away without requiring any of the bulky tubes during the process.

Within the device’s sleek design, there is an internal bag that collects up to four ounces of milk at the time. It can also automatically sense when your body is ready to transition to expression phase without needing to wait for a preset time.

Oh; and the best part? It is completely dishwasher-safe, battery operated, and you can get a few days out of pumping before having to recharge. To ease your life even more, the Willow works with a milk-tracking app that adds an extra element of convenience by recording which side you pump on, the duration of the session, and how much milk you produce.

Mind. Blown.

According to CNN, this genius device will be available in the spring.

Now; credit cards at the ready, mamas.