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09th May 2016

Chris Hemsworth Baked His Daughter A Birthday Cake And It’s Absolutely Adorable


It was only a matter of weeks ago that Chris Hemsworth made our hearts melt with the revelation that he braids his daughter’s hair.

And over the weekend, he was at it again!

The Thor star ended up making a cake for his little girl’s birthday when the bakery said they didn’t have time to do one.

His wife, actress Elsa Pataky, shared the below snap and wrote: “Papa working hard on India’s birthday cake! Happy birthday India, love you more than anything! #family #love #birthdaygirl”

Chris also posted a close-up of his creation which we’re sure put a smile on 3-year-old India Rose’s face.

His caption read: “What happens when the bakery says they don’t have time to make your daughter a birthday cake? You get involved and small one out yourself! I call it ‘La TRex a la chocolate.’”

Now, our hearts are melted and our ovaries have skipped a beat.

Do you have a birthday or another occasion coming up that requires a cake? If so, check out THIS simple but delicious recipe.

Top image via Instagram/Elsa Pataky