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10th Jan 2018

Chris Hemsworth’s son developed some impressive skills to get sweets

Plenty of parents were able to relate.

Keeley Ryan

A child’s determination knows no bounds.

Chris Hemsworth’s son appears to have developed his own set of super powers.

The Aussie actor, best known for his role as Thor, and his wife, Elsa Pataky, have three children together: 5-year-old India Rose and twins Tristan and Sasha, 3.

And one of their twins recently went to some pretty extreme lengths to try and get a tasty treat.

The actor recently shared a video of one of his sons trying to get some chocolate from a high-up hiding spot.

While some kids would be a bit deterred by the height, the son of Thor took another approach – and climbed the fridge instead.

The actor simply captioned the video:
“My son found out where the chocolate is kept. Must find a new hiding place. He’s 3. #tarzanrules”
And while some people began to share their own stories of their little ones’ determination, others were impressed with the toddler’s strength.
One person commented:
“haha, kids are so creative! They know a lot, more than we can ever imagine what they are capable of.”
Someone else added:
“Haha that’s my kids right there! If they know I’m hiding the treats they will climb to find them! ????”
Another person chimed in:
“It’s amazing how strong a toddler can be when they want something!”
Meanwhile, another commenter wrote:
“So thrilled I saw this…my 3yr old can do the same thing and I was beginning to think she wasn’t “normal”! She’s our Tarzan/Mowgli ?”
A different Instagram user pointed out:
“Well the mighty Thor has passed on his good genes!”