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19th Apr 2020

#entertainingathome: Parents are making sandpits for their kids using tents

Trine Jensen-Burke

DIY sandpits


There is no denying that this lockdown is bringing out our creative side. With most shops being closed, we are having to learn how to think outside the box and learn how to repurpose things like never before.

Yesterday, we reported on how some genius people are reinventing their garden trampolines, turning them into the most gorgeous summer hideouts.

And today we are swooning over the clever idea that some parents are having of turning little tents into DIY sandpits – just look:

The best part? This sandpit is one your children can play in no matter the weather, and will protect them from both the sun and occasional rain showers.

All you need is a small, cheap tent, if you have more than one kid that is going to play in it, maybe use a slightly larger tent.  Next, fill it with play sand and toys, and watch them have hours of fun in there.

The hack, which was originally posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, quickly racked up thousands of likes from parents who are clearly also tearing their hair out trying to come up with new and creative projects to entertain their kids with right now.

The best bit? You can zip it up at night to avoid any cats coming in to do their business, and this will also help keep bugs out.