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11th Jul 2018

‘She is my best friend’: Samantha Mumba opens up about her daughter

Olivia Hayes

This is incredibly sweet.

As we all know, we have special connections with our kids. While they can absolutely make us insane sometimes, they are our little bundles of joy and we would do anything for them.

Samantha Mumba has opened up about her daughter Sage in an incredibly sweet interview on Loose Women.

What a day!☀️

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The 35-year-old shares the tot with her husband, Torray Scales and said that her life has radically changed since welcoming her into the world.

“Sage is proudly my best friend and the love of my life”  she revealed.

“We tell each other our secrets. You’d be surprised [about how many secrets she has]. I’m sure before I had kids I would be rolling my eyes at someone who said that, but she is my best friend.

“She travels with me all the time. This is the second she’s been away from me. She’s in Ireland with her grandma and I’m actually going right back there.”

Samantha went on to say that she plans to homeschool Sage in LA, where she is currently living. This raised a few concerns from panelists, but the singer explained: “I understand why you’re saying that.

“I know in Ireland it wouldn’t be a common thing, but in LA they have a home-school teacher and they get to meet friends. She has a fabulous social life – more than me.

“[The American education system] just doesn’t appeal to me. If I lived here it would be quite different. My husband is actually for it and he thinks the school system could be improved [in America], and she’s very intelligent so I thinks she’ll thrive on it,” she said.