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11th Nov 2017

Early night in? 7 things we LOVE now that we hated as teens

Our 13-18 year old selves would REALLY despise us for these now...

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Our teenage selves were pretty strange creatures: hanging around greens and never wearing a coat.

However, now that we’re parents ourselves (some of us to teens!) we can’t help but reflect on the irony of adulthood.

That’s because a whole host of everyday things we once hated are now championed – ya know, like sleep and comfy shoes.

Here are the seven things that our 13-18 year old selves would REALLY despise us for now…

1) Early nights

Teenagers NEVER want to go to sleep – fast-forward 20 years and we spend most of the day counting down the hours to bedtime.

2) Getting up early

In a similar vein – long gone are the mornings spent snoozing until after lunchtime. Now we’re up around dusk (incidentally around the time our college selves were getting in from a night out).

3) Carrying umbrellas

You’d never be caught dead with an umbrella as a teen. More recently we wouldn’t be caught dead without one.

4) Wearing comfy shoes

Teen girls adore outrageously impractical and uncomfortable footwear. These days we’re rarely out of flats.

5) Cosy Friday evenings in

Kids in bed; TV on; glass of wine; feet up = bliss.

6) Not caring what others think

While you might have spent much of your teen days worrying about your peers’ perception of you, we’re happy to state that as grown-ups were far, far less bothered.

7) Complaining about loud music

What?! It is VERY loud.