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Family dynamics

23rd Apr 2019

Kelly Clarkson is sick of the Easter Bunny taking all the credit for her work

Jade Hayden

kelly clarkson

Same, girl.


If you have kids, you’ve probably told them a fair amount of lies during your time as a parent.

“Yes, Santa is watching.” “No, the Toothfairy can’t give you €10 for the third tooth you’ve lost this year.” “Yes, the Easter Bunny is definitely real.”

Everyone does it, but there comes a point in every parent’s life when you need to tell the truth, stop the lies, and take credit for all the excellent things you’ve been doing for your kids.

And Kelly Clarkson has decided to do the above sooner rather than later by informing her four and three-year-old kids that the Easter Bunny didn’t bring their eggs – she and husband Brandon Blackstock did.

Speaking to People, Clarkson said:

“I kind of just was like, ‘Mommy and daddy did these for you.

“I thought Easter was for us. Sometimes I’m tired of giving credit to non-existent things. Like I’m very busy, and I took the time to shop at Target and put this all together. I did this — no bunny! They got chocolate, so they’re fine.”

Very fair.

Clarkson and Blackstock have two children together – four-year-old River and three-year-old Remington.

The pair married in 2013 in Tennessee.