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22nd Mar 2017

One of your household bills could be about to double…

Laura Holland

Good luck trying to implement this.

New RTÉ boss Dee Forbes thinks that the TV licence fee should be increased because she believes it’s too cheap. She wants to double it from €160 to €320.

Breaking it down, she feels that the current cost of 40c a day is great value for Irish citizens and that by raising more money they can produce even better content.

According to The Sun, she was speaking to Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio when she said:

“The licence fee is 40c a day. I think it’s incredible value for money… quite honestly I think it should be double that.

If you look to places like the Scandinavian markets where their licence fee over double that and you see what you’re getting for that, quite honestly the content is singing.

What I’m saying to you is the more money we have to play with content the more we can do.”

RTÉ are also making other efforts to make extra money by selling part of the land where the company is based.

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