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21st Feb 2019

Operation Transformation’s Cathal gives impassioned speech about mental health

Jade Hayden

“There was times when I couldn’t see the positivity in my life.”

Last night, Operation Transformation‘s Cathal gave an incredibly important speech about the important of being aware of your own mental health.

The Donegal paramedic spoke to students in Letterkenny IT about his own struggle with depression in an emotive episode that touched people all across the country.

Cathal admitted to the lecture hall of students that he had contemplated suicide in the past. He also said that he spent a long time ignoring what was wrong.

“I grew up in a community and environment where people didn’t talk about their mental health,” he said.

“I had my wife at home, and I had my family and friends. I knew back then they cared about me but I couldn’t see that. I couldn’t feel that.

“I contemplated taking my own life on a number of occasions. I know what I didn’t do, I didn’t look for help.”

“This is one of the biggest messages I’m trying to get across to people in the Operation Transformation process,” he said.

“I have held in my emotions for years. There was times where I couldn’t see the positivity in my life.”

Cathal received a standing ovation from students – and probably everybody else watching at home too – as he finished his candid and important speech about his struggle.

He later said that the support from viewers and his local community had been paramount in his weight loss journey.

“The support from the community, the country has been mind-blowing,” he admitted. “There’s an acknowledgement, support and love from people.”

“It’s such a nice feeling.”

At the weigh-in, it was revealed that Cathal had lost five pounds – again beating his target goal for the week.