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19th Sep 2017

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter’s sweet message for mum after Emmy win

This is lovely.

Jade Hayden

reece witherspoon

It’s not every day your mum wins an Emmy.

It’s not every day your mum is Reece Witherspoon either though so we’re willing to give that one a pass.

On Sunday night, Reece won an Emmy for Big Little Lies.

And while that in itself must have been a moment of total delight and bliss, there’s something about your daughter taking to social media to tell the world how proud of you they are that’s just really special.

And lucky for Reece, her daughter Ava Phillippe did just that.

A post shared by Ava Phillippe (@avaphillippe) on

Sharing a lovely photo of the pair at the awards, the 18-year-old wrote:

“I am so proud of how hard my mama has worked to showcase the stories and talents of strong women like herself, and I am so happy she’s been officially recognized for it.”

It doesn’t get sweeter than that really, does it?

Ava also included a congrats to the entire Big Little Lies team for their success at this year’s Emmys.

Nicole Kidman also used her acceptance speech to highlight the importance of domestic violence discussion in the media and outside of it.

She said that the show had “shone a light” on the issue.