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Family dynamics

29th May 2019

What is the right age for your child to stop saying ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’?

Olivia Hayes

Did they just stop saying it?

Were they told to stop saying it? Do you have an issue with them saying it?

A question posed by a Mumsnet user has divided opinion after a woman asked if it was still OK for her children to call her and their father ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’.

The mum said that her children came home from their dad’s house and were upset after he told them that they’re too old to call them by those names.

She wrote:

“My kids 10,9, 7.5 came home after the weekend (father just moved in with gf who wants a baby) and told me that their father had told them they were too old to refer to him as daddy and that other kids would make fun of them as they were too old.

“This has come out of the blue- they’re very young for their age, he’s always been daddy but explained that they had to move to dad.

“They’re upset. AIBU by thinking… well it’s a bit unreasonable. Ex still refers to his own father as daddy!

“Kids are upset, I’m annoyed but don’t want to lose my temper if I’m being overly sensitive.”

Many users had different reactions to her, with some saying that they think it’s OK for them to call their parents what they want. One said:

“It’s surely something they decide for themselves when they’re ready, not something that can, or should, be dictated to them. Especially not in relation to an impending baby – way to make your children feel pushed out, much?”

However, others agreed that they were too old to use ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’:

“Definitely too old for “Daddy”, he’s right. It has nothing to do with you though, it’s between him and them.”

Would you be annoyed by this situation?