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01st Jun 2016

The Irish Quads Are All Grown Up! Mum Spills All…

Sophie White

One of our most shared stories last year was the miraculous birth of Anita and David’s quadruplets on the 28th of February 2015.

The couple from Kilclonfert, Co. Offaly, along with their then 14-month-old son welcomed four healthy babies in Dublin’s Rotunda hospital after a C-section delivery.


Incredibly the babies were conceived naturally. The chances of naturally occurring quadruplets is one in 729,000 and only about six per cent of quadruplets born, are conceived naturally.

As the boys recently turned one, Anita was kind enough to give us an update on life with five boys under the age of three:

So one year on and life with quads and our two-year-old son, Matthew, has been hard work but great.
The quads Tom, James, Charlie and Luke, turned one on Feb 28th, and we celebrated their birthday in our home with our family which was great.


It has been a very hectic year but our motto is ‘keep calm and carry on’!
The boys are doing very well and are starting to sit for short periods on their own which is just great to see. They move around on the floor too but are not crawling yet.


The days have become a lot busier with the lads being more demanding so keeping them entertained is keeping us busy. They adore their big brother and follow him everywhere in their walkers. The boys are good eaters and never refuse any of our home cooking which makes things a little easier.


Teething is the biggest problem at the minute with the boys waking most nights. As they are all still in the one room in separate cots they tend to wake each other at night.

Sounds hectic!

Hats off to Anita, David and big brother Matthew for giving their miracle babies a loving and fun-filled first year.

Happy Birthday to Tom, James, Charlie and Luke!

Many thanks to Anita and David for sharing their story.