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20th Jul 2018

Irish schools to introduce new measures for students experiencing anxiousness

Kate Hendrick

Safe rooms

Do your children suffer from anxiety?

It’s tough for kids who constantly find themselves in distress. And sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can trigger this.

During teenage years, there is an added pressure on children to do well at school, be as active as they can be, and to fit in with other kids.

It can be difficult at the best of times. But with new plans proposed by the Minister of Education, students will be given the extra help they need in times of trouble.

Safe rooms in schools

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton has launched a Wellbeing Policy for Schools and it details a number of ways in which teachers can help young students deal with stress.

The reason behind Bruton’s policy is to help students experience a sense of belonging, safety and connection at school.

The policy was published on the Department of Education and Skills website where can find the Minister’s plans in full.

When announcing his strategy to help improve young people’s lives, Bruton said:

“This policy will inject momentum into supporting schools to nurture resilience in our students. It recognises that Wellbeing is a whole of school responsibility with partnership roles for staff, parents, students and the wider community.”

The Education Minister wants to introduce safe rooms into schools so that children will have a specific place they can go to if they feel like things are getting a bit too much.

He is also proposing a ‘buddy bench’ in schools. This is part of a befriending system where young people can go for advice if they find it hard to interact with other kids.

Also among the list of ideas in the document is a sensory room/garden for students. The plans also include specially allocated rooms for students who require direct support for a serious matter.

We think all of these are great ideas. They are sure to give you more peace of mind and more importantly, help make your children’s school years stress-free.