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27th Oct 2017

Mum shares warning about face paint that ‘severely burnt’ her son’s skin

face paint

A mum has shared a warning about a brand of face paint that she says “severely burnt” her son’s skin.

Alexandra Leigh Carter is a mum from Australia.

She bought some face paint from Woolworths to paint her son’s face for Halloween.

The mum said that she did a patch test on her son’s arm before applying the makeup to his face.

However, after just three minutes, Alexandra had to take him to the shower to wash the paint off because it had “severely burnt” his skin.

She took to Facebook to share some pictures.

Above the images, she wrote that she would never be using face paint again and that she hoped the product would be discontinued from the store.

“We did this as a trial run for Halloween and safe to say I’ll never be using face paint again.

“I’ve had his face painted countless time, though whatever is in your product is horrific.

“I’d like to see this product discontinued in case another child has to go through this or the parent that’s scared for her/his child.”

Alexandra also called the face paint set “rubbish.”

In the post’s comment section, she then went on to say that another one of her son’s skins is “super sensitive” – so much so that she doesn’t even use some soaps on him.

A user then questioned why she would decide to paint his face.

Alexandra replied that she did not paint that son’s face and that she was glad that she didn’t.

“Not even the most conscious of mums can avoid something like this from happening when you purchase products intended for children.”

Woolworths has since been in touch with the mum.

She said they were “helpful and apologetic.”