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29th Sep 2023

Mum issues warning about wearing Crocs after daughter’s ‘freak accident’

This would be terrifying.

A mum has taken to the internet to warn parents about children wearing crocs on elevators following her daughter’s ‘freak accident.’

Olivia Jill shared the dangers of doing so by uploading pictures of her shredded daughter’s pink Crocs, explaining that they caught in the side of the escalator halfway up.

Thankfully, the mum’s daughter was unharmed, but she took the opportunity to highlight the risks to prevent future injury.

“Today my daughter’s [Croc] got trapped in the side of the escalator halfway up. Thankfully I got her foot out straight away. IT was a ‘freak accident’ but just want to warn others to keep their children away from the sides,” she wrote.

Credit: Facebook/Olivia Jill

The popular shoe had the top section completely torn open, so her daughter had a very lucky escape.

Facebook users rushed to the comments section to share similar stories and send well-wishes to Olivia’s daughter.

“Same thing happened to my son last week at Universal,” one wrote.

“This happened to me when I was a child, my lace got stuck at the top,” another recalled.

“Thanks for the warning! I found this really useful to show my 8-year-old,” one mum said.

“Did you know that at Disney World they do not allow Crocs on escalators for this very reason?” one user wrote.

This time, thankfully, her little girl was okay, but it’s worth keeping an eye on your child’s feet, in any shoes, when going up escalators.