Parenting expert explains why your child doesn't want to talk about their day 1 month ago

Parenting expert explains why your child doesn't want to talk about their day

The solution we have all been looking for!

Most parents are generally met with silence when they ask their kids how their day was.

It's the one question that seems to stop them from talking as they gaze out the car window and act like they haven't heard a single word you said.

Although it is frustrating, an expert has actually revealed why children hate telling their parents about their day.

And it's actually pretty interesting.

Dr. Siggie Cohen, who specialises in child development, revealed on TikTok that the problem is actually with the question itself.

She explained that the question is too big and broad for them.

Many parents told her that it can be upsetting when their child doesn't answer them, but all is not lost.

Dr. Cohen explained that all parents need to do is break the question down.


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Ask them what was the coolest thing they learned or what they had for lunch or if anything funny happened in class.

Why not ask them if they spoke to any new friends or played an interesting sport in P.E?

You could ask them about the subject you know is their favourite or even ask if any of their classmates did anything fun over the weekend.

Dr. Cohen stressed, "Help your child breakdown their big experience in a more detailed and balanced way."

She explained that these smaller, less complicated questions, are less overwhelming for them.

Parents praised her helpful advice and realised that the problem isn't actually with the child, but with the question being asked.

One mum admitted, "This is my everyday story after picking my son up from school and it upsets me. Thank you for the help."

We'll definitely be trying this helpful trick out when the kids go back to school.