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30th Dec 2015

This Is What Parents Are REALLY Doing For New Year’s Eve

Sharyn Hayden

Approximately twelve different people have asked me this week; ‘Any plans for New Year’s Eve?’ and I’m pretty sure my response has been the same across the board: a blank stare.

The truth of the matter is that I cannot remember a single New Year’s Eve since the kids came along, where either myself or Alan were still awake come midnight, never mind doing anything to celebrate.

Planning a really memorable night to ring in the New Year was always such a big deal before I had kids; it had to be something epic, something fuelled by booze, with friends at the coolest venue ever, in a sparkly outfit and hopefully resulting in a snog from the right guy at the end of the night.

And now with two small kids at home, not only is it impossible to get a babysitter even if you did want to go out, the thoughts of leaving the house on the busiest night of the year make me feel kind of.. allergic.

I can’t bear the overcrowded pubs or the long, impossible wait for a taxi home and furthermore, I have my gorgeous kids in bed and my handsome man at home to snog.

Which makes me realise what 2017’s number one resolution must be: STOP BEING SUCH AN OUL WAN.

Thankfully, I’m not alone as heaps of you other parents were kind enough to share your plans for the evening, none of which involve swinging out of the chandeliers at midnight either. Phew.

Here are some of the ways you are celebrating New Years Eve, you crazy rock ‘n’ roll kids!

“Early pints, early bird home and bed!! For all of us!! Happy new year!!” – Majella, Dublin

“Stay up till midnight with the kids with a few drinks and ring in the new year with the family I want to spend the next year with.” – Caroline, North County Dublin

“Kids will be in bed passed out, so on my lonesome plus I’ve work the next morning… retail sucks!” – Cat, Dublin

“Mug of (decaf) tea and a couple squares of chocolate. Livin’ the dream.” – Neesa, Laois

“Big fire, chilled prosecco & strawberries, baba in bed by 8pm, good film and no scramble for a taxi home! Happy days!” – Sophie, Dublin 12

“It’s our wedding anniversary! We’ll put the kids to bed and rejoice that our years of marriage finally outnumber our number of kids.” – Emily, Co. Dublin

“My family have a Pub Quiz every New Years Eve, in my sisters house, which is hotly contested. There’s even a winners trophy. Winning is a massive honour.” – Niamh, Co. Meath


“We will have a steak and a bottle of red wine and I’m sure will be in bed by 12.30. Junior will be out cold from 8pm onwards!” – Amy, North County Dublin

“I plan on dancing around my kitchen with my 3-week old dance partner come midnight” – Rachel, Dublin 12

What are your plans tonight, mums and dads? Let us know in the comments!