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08th Jul 2022

Mary Lou McDonald calls for changes to Back-to-School Allowance

Kat O'Connor

Mary Lou McDonald said middle-income families are being left behind.

Mary Lou McDonald has called for the Back-to-School Allowance to be extended.

She stressed that middle-income families are being left behind when it comes to school support.

Earlier this week, Minister Norma Foley revealed that the allowance would be increased by €100 per child.

Foley confirmed that the allowance for children aged between 4 and 11 will increase from €160 to €260.

For children above the age of 11, the allowance will increase from €285 and €385.

However, many parents are not entitled to the allowance which covers school shoes and uniforms.

McDonald said the allowance should be extended to another half a million children.

She told the Dáil that families who earn around €621 a week are being left behind.

She claimed that many families are already “fighting to stay afloat”.

The news comes after it was revealed that the average parent is spending €1500 if they have children in secondary school. They’re also spending an average of €1200 per child in primary school.